on the Art Ensemble of Chicago

Paul Steinbeck, Message to Our Folks: The Art Ensemble of Chicago (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017).
The definitive study of the Art Ensemble.
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Paul Steinbeck, “The Art Ensemble of Chicago’s ‘Get in Line’: Politics, Theatre, and Play,” Twentieth-Century Music 10/1 (March 2013): 3–23. | PDF

Paul Steinbeck, “Intermusicality, Humor, and Cultural Critique in the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s ‘A Jackson in Your House,’” Jazz Perspectives 5/2 (August 2011): 135–154. | PDF
Winner of the Steve Larson Award for Jazz Scholarship from the SMT Jazz Interest Group.

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on the music of the AACM

Paul Steinbeck, “Talking Back: Performer-Audience Interaction in Roscoe Mitchell’s ‘Nonaah,’” Music Theory Online 22/3 (September 2016): [1]-[31]. | LINK

on visual art

Paul Steinbeck, “The Inner Sleeve: The Third Decade,” The Wire 404 (October 2017): 74. | PDF

on Fred Anderson

Paul Steinbeck, liner notes for Fred Anderson Quintessential Birthday Trio, Volume Two (Asian Improv Records, AIR 0087, 2015). | PDF

Paul Steinbeck, “‘Patience, Sincerity, and Consistency’: Fred Anderson’s Musical and Social Practices,” Critical Studies in Improvisation 6/2 (December 2010): [1]–[24]. | PDF

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Paul Steinbeck and Frank Steiger, “Fred Anderson dans le texte,” Jazz Hot 653 (Autumn 2010): 35–37. | PDF

Fred Anderson with Paul Steinbeck, Exercises for the Creative Musician (Chicago: Many Weathers Music, 2010).
Fred Anderson’s method book for improvisers.
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on improvisation

Paul Steinbeck, “Improvisation, Identity, Analysis, Performance,” American Music Review 44/1 (Fall 2014): 16–19. | PDF

Paul Steinbeck, “Improvisational Fictions,” Music Theory Online 19/2 (June 2013): [1]–[12]. | PDF

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book reviews

Paul Steinbeck, review of Conversations with Charlie Haden by Josef Woodard and Charlie Haden, The Common Reader 7 (Winter 2017): 1–8. | PDF

Paul Steinbeck, review of Dreams to Remember: Otis Redding, Stax Records, and the Transformation of Southern Soul by Mark Ribowsky, The Common Reader 5 (Spring 2016): 1–6. | PDF

Paul Steinbeck, review of The Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965–68 by Keith Waters, Jazz Perspectives 8/2 (August 2014): 219–222. | PDF

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Paul Steinbeck, review of Blowin’ Hot and Cool: Jazz and its Critics by John Gennari, Current Musicology 84 (Fall 2007): 169–174. | PDF